Caroline Ritter - Knowledge Generation, Changing Habits and Animal Training

We are deeply formed by our experiences and those experiences create the lens in which we view the world. How well do we really know ourselves? 

My guest Caroline Ritter talks with me today about how can gather useful and practical knowledge about ourselves. How we can be like scientists studying ourselves. 

She emphasizes that we need to be curious and to cultivate a relationship with our selves and our knowledge. What we tend to and maintain can continue to grow. Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement offers a unique opportunity for us to learn about ourselves in ways in a multi-sensory way.

Caroline and I talk about positive reinforcement, the self-image, noun versus verb thinking, how to change behavior, the power our social and physical context to influence our behavior, and being in the gradient between labels (or how words limit our experience).

It's a rich conversation. Please enjoy.

Caroline Ritter studied behavioral economics, philosophy and cognitive science. She is now in her 3rd year of the Feldenkrais education program with educational director Donna Ray in Vienna.
Caroline is an animal trainer and animal training also brought her in contact with the Feldenkrais method. 

You can see what Caroline does here:
Caroline lives in Vienna, Austria and started to teach Feldenkrais in person and online. You can find her at:
instagram: @florafauna_feldenkrais

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Jeffrey Schwinghammer
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Caroline Ritter - Knowledge Generation, Changing Habits and Animal Training
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