Why Movement? Your Breath is Movement

We breathe every every minute. Breath is essential to life.

How you breathe, whether through your nose or through your mouth, the volume of air that you take in, the shape of your breath in your body, where you breathe in your body the air goes, the temp and rhythm, reflects you.

Your breath reflects how you think, how you feel, what's going on beneath the hood.

how you choose to breathe can feed back into your system, changing your mood and your thoughts.

Your breath is you.

We'll explore some of Feldenkrais' thoughts on breathing today. We go back to his 1972 book, Awareness Through Movement.

In this book, he gives some reasons as for why movement as a way to understand yourself, to learn about yourself, and to improve your abilities. This is reason number eight out of nine.

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Hi, I’m Jeffrey. As a Feldenkrais and somatic movement practitioner I help you get in touch with your body so you can unravel old sticky patterns and make way for greater creativity, power and joyful play.

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Jeffrey Schwinghammer
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Why Movement? Your Breath is Movement
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