Why Movement? Movement is the basis of awareness

We go back to the book, Awareness Through Movement, to continue this series on Why Movement? Why did Feldenkrais choose movement to focus his method around?

Awareness Through Movement was written in 1972 by Moshe Feldenkrais. The first half of the book is a great introduction his thinking on society, the human being, the nature of habits and compulsion and what we can do about it.
We first explore the importance of awareness. Why are we so interested in awareness? Feldenkrais did name the group classes and his book Awareness Through Movement. Becoming aware of ourselves is necessary and good for us to grow, evolve and mature.

Then we explore how movement is the basis of awareness. We humans are funny. We can act and behave and not have a clear understanding of what we do. We are mystery to ourselves. Understanding what we do is essential if we want to make lasting change. The primary way we get information about ourselves is through movement, through change in our muscles and skin, through change in posture, attitude and expression. With greater refinement, we can catch our behavior as it is elicited by our environment (people, nature, situations). We have more choice available to us if we know how to find it.

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Why Movement? Movement is the basis of awareness
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