The Importance of Rest

When do you rest?

Do you save rest for the end of the day? What does quality rest look like?

Many of us are conditioned to work for hours on end with little rest. Rests are often seen as unproductive or a waste of time. Time is money as the adage goes. We're on the clock.

Even if we don't believe these statements to be true ourselves, it's certainly easy to feel where our culture pressures us to disregard our needs.

In the Feldenkrais work as well as the other somatic movement modalities I teach, rest is super important. This isn't rest to give our muscles a break. No. Instead, it's an opportunity for our bodies and nervous system to integrate what we are learning through movement. The rest is a necessary element in the process and will help you improve faster.

In this episode, I talk about many benefits of rest in Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons. I bridge that into how we can think about resting in our daily life. I offer some practical tips for practicing rest. 

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Jeffrey Schwinghammer
Jeffrey Schwinghammer
Podcast Host, Feldenkrais Practitioner and Filmmaker
The Importance of Rest
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