Stop Drifting and Make a Life Plan

Do you feel lost, directionless, overwhelmed by choice, or feeling powerless to make lasting change in your life?
If so, this episode has something for you.

In this episode I will talk about creating a life plan -- a document that represents the vision of your live going forward that can continue to guide your future decisions.

I will talk about why I needed it, the process I followed and my experience enacting it.

You will hear...
    • about the book that Living Forward by Hyatt and and harkavy that gave me a process to make the life plan. 
    • life plan process and how helpful it is to read it out loud.
    • I described my planning problems that had me stuck and how they began to change with doing the life plan reading.
    • I share some journal entries from my 90 days of reading.
    • I recommend having accountability partner to share your progress with.
I encourage you to consider making a plan like the one suggested in this episode. If you want to learn more about the book, check out their website: Living Forward (by Hyatt and Harkavy)


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Jeffrey Schwinghammer
Jeffrey Schwinghammer
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Stop Drifting and Make a Life Plan
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