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If you've been listening to this show for a while you will notice that at the end of each episode I encourage you to share the ideas you hear here with a friend. I say that doing so helps us deepen our learning. In this episode I will give more of an explanation of why.

I draw on Moshe Feldenkrais' teachings from his training program in Amherst Massachusetts. He encouraged his students to not focus on writing down movement directions about to be curious and invested in their own experience. Taking notes would distract them from the richness of their experience. Then, after class, go and share your experience with another person. Doing so helps you make new connections. Conversations are a creative act.

Don't be a passive learner. Share your learning so you can learn more.

Hi, I’m Jeffrey. As a Feldenkrais and somatic movement practitioner I help you get in touch with your body so you can unravel old sticky patterns and make way for greater creativity, power and joyful play.

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Jeffrey Schwinghammer
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Share Your Learning To Learn More
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