Feldenkrais Shakes Up Your Dream Life

In this episode we discuss  a topic I love: how the Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons can influence your dream life.

It's one of my favorite aspects of the Feldenkrais Method but barely anyone talks about it.

It's really cool. 

I don't remember my dreams often but some nights they come through more vividly and I can recall them when I wake up. I can tell that what I am learning and exploring through my movement practice helps me open up new possibilities in the stories of my dreams. Dreams can offer us a lot of information and clarity so let's pay attention them.

In this episode you will hear me talk about
  • my experience of dreams.
  • what I think dreams are and how the Feldenkrais Method has an effect on them.
  • my recommendations for what to do in the morning after a night of vivid dreams.
Do you have dreams like this because of Feldenkrais? What's your relationship to dreams? I'd love to hear from you. Reach out to my at Jeffrey@ExpandYourAbility.com


Hi, I’m Jeffrey. 
I am a Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner and Filmmaker. I am the director of the upcoming documentary on the Feldenkrais Method.
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Jeffrey Schwinghammer
Jeffrey Schwinghammer
Podcast Host, Feldenkrais Practitioner and Filmmaker
Feldenkrais Shakes Up Your Dream Life
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