Beat Perfection and Aim for a B+

In the previous episode I talked about how our time in school has a lasting impact on our experience. For many It shapes us to do well, that we must get good grades and to avoid punishment due to mistakes and errors. Many learn that they must put in excess effort and to make it perfect, and to focus what we make on other people's standards,

On this episode I'll share some advice I received about recalibrating what is my Good Enough and aim for B+ work.

Special thanks to my coaches Autumn Kessler and Sandy Connery for the idea and encouragement. You can find their work at

Expect to hear my strategy for beating perfection by mapping out exactly is a B+ for what you're doing. It's so important to finish and move on to the next project so your skills improve.I tie this in to how Awareness Through Movement can help us develop our own kind standard for ourself.

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Jeffrey Schwinghammer
Jeffrey Schwinghammer
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Beat Perfection and Aim for a B+
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