Adam Lane Smith - What Do Secure Relationships Look Like?

If you have lived with insecurity, it can be challenge to imagine what a good relationship could be like. A good relationship can be so foreign, you might even reject it.

It's so important to understand what secure bonds look and feel because that can give us the perspective to turn around what's not working and to strengthen what is working.

That's the topic of my conversation with relationship expert Adam Lane Smith:

What does secure behavior look like?
What behavior leads to mutually fulfilling relationships that are sustainable, and enjoyable?

Adam Lane Smith is The Attachment Specialist with over 450,000 followers across his social media platforms. He consults internationally with CEOs, investors, entrepreneurs, executives, military veterans, and engineers to solve their attachment issues and improve their relationships. He also has appeared on numerous podcasts discussing generational attachment issues, recovering from trauma, and raising global awareness of attachment. 

Expect to hear in this episode:
  • The importance of bodywork to do mental health work.
  • We attract what we expect.
  • How insecurity pushes away healthy people
  • Our perception doesn't make things real
  • The straightforward clarity of secure communication: "How would a 5year phrase this?"
  • The Exchanging of Needs to fulfill each needs.
  • Why secure people work toward  mutually fulfilling relationships.
  • Clarify and Collaborate. You need to clarify in order to work with others.

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Jeffrey Schwinghammer
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Adam Lane Smith - What Do Secure Relationships Look Like?
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