Why Movement? Your Habits Hinge on Movement

On today's episode, we're exploring why movement is such a big deal according to Moshe Feldenkrais. We dive into his book, "Awareness Through Movement," and explore the ninth and final reason why movement is at the core of personal growth and self-awareness.

(You can find the previous 8 reasons in previous episodes.)

The Feldenkrais Method is about becoming aware of your habitual patterns in order to open up new possibilities.  Movement, according to Feldenkrais, lies at the heart of this process. He says that the habit patterns of thinking, feeling and sensing all hinge on movement. If you change the movement, the changes will cascade to how you think and feel.

This is an essential idea, using movement to free your mind, if you find yourself asking how can I get make lasting change in my life?

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Hi, I’m Jeffrey. As a Feldenkrais and somatic movement practitioner I help you get in touch with your body so you can unravel old sticky patterns and make way for greater creativity, power and joyful play.

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Jeffrey Schwinghammer
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Why Movement? Your Habits Hinge on Movement
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