Embodying the Voice

Feldenkrais Practitioner, musician and storyteller David Kaetz says that many of us get disembodied from our voice from a young age. It's common and normal for kids to make sounds as they explore and play, until they get the message that they should be quiet.

Is this a message you've internalized? How playful with your voice are you

One of my main motivators in exploring Feldenkrais and the bodymind connection comes from my own pain and tension surrounding my voice. I could tell it was related to self-use and anxiety and it was clearly manifesting as a physical issue. My voice troubles started in my teen years and followed me into my twenties. While I'm doing better than ever, I am still learning. I am learning how to be more expressive, more relaxed, and more full-bodied when I speak.

On today's episode I reflect on my recent learnings around embodying the voice. I've had two profound mentors:

One is a man named Nicholas that I met at the Minnesota Men's Conference. He helped me playful with singing. The other was David Kaetz and his Listening with the Whole Body workshop that I attended this past weekend.

Learn more about the Minnesota Men's Conference here.
Learn more about David Kaetz here.

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Embodying the Voice
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