Big Work Requires Big Support

Today's episode is for you if you think you can do it alone, if you think you don't support, or you think being supported is a weakness.

As my mentor Jesse Koren says, big work requires big support.  By big work, we're talking starting a business, fixing your relationship, and healing from old wounds just to name a few examples. We can't do it alone.

This is one of those universal truths but our habits and unhealthy beliefs can blind us to this truth.

The Feldenkrais Method of Awareness Through Movement is about uncovering these habits and beliefs that operate beneath the surface, but only if we ask the question. In Feldenkrais movement lessons we're always curious about our internal support (the skeleton in relation to the Earth and gravity) but it's important to take the question further.

How am I supported socially? Do I even consider that a possibility?

This episode is a must listen if you think you're better off going it alone. I have walked that path and it's a tough one.


Thank you for listening, dear listener!

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I worked in Filmmaking and Video production for 10 years and had to step back and do less because of debilitating back pain. This was a main reason that sent me on my Feldenkrais and embodiment journey, and now my back is more capable than ever before AND I am directing the biggest film of my life. That's why I am committed to helping filmmakers and videographers with back pain to help them restore their backs so they can work more jobs and move and feel better than ever.

I wonder if you know anyone in film or video suffering from a bad back.

Does anyone come to mind? Let me know

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Jeffrey Schwinghammer
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 Big Work Requires Big Support
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